How to book a room. Rules of reservetion and cancellation

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    The rules of reservation :

    Indicate the date of arrival and the date of departure in numbers and times.
    Choose an apartment. All options for apartments can be viewed on our website, 
    there is a photo, description, as well as a 3D tour by number. 
    Our site offers several popular room types, suites, junior suites and standard,
     If you have any questions related to choosing a number, please contact our administration
     for help by phone number +380989007711.
    Indicate the number of residents, separately indicating the number of adults and children.
    Indicate your full name and your contact information, such as a phone number,
     you can also indicate a comment by asking an additional question of interest 
    to which the administrator will answer you when he calls you back to clarify the order.
     Make an advance payment in the amount of the first day of stay in any convenient way:
     payment to a card, debiting funds from the guest's payment card, an invoice.
     A booking request is also formed as: booking by phone, SMS, Viber, Whats app, Telegram
    The total cost of the order will be calculated automatically based on your choice.
     Be sure to double-check the correctness of the filled-in fields, click the book button, 
    and expect a call from the administrator to confirm the order.
    A guaranteed reservation is considered when paying for the first day of stay for accommodation 3 
    / three / days before arrival.
    Cancellation of the ordered accommodation or services must be made no later than 3 / three / 
    banking days before the day of settlement for individual customers. 
    Cancellation is accepted in the form of an e-mail of refusal to the e-mail address
    In case of untimely cancellation of the order, the "Customer"
     is not refunded the cost of living for one day