Coronavirus and tourism

  In the modern realities of viruses and pandemics, high-quality hotel cleaning takes first place in our service.
We approached this moment extremely carefully and professionally, as our guest of course should feel safe and comfortable, making the choice of our hotel.Maximum cleanliness is our main preference and care for you. So, how can we protect our guest? Cleaning staf uses professional products such as Karcher steam cleaners brand and  series of products from this company. The highest efficiency of professional devices guarantees the destruction of 99.99% of bacteria, hard surfaces in 99.99% of enveloped viruses, such as coronavirus or flu, and 99.99% of ordinary household bacteria, providing maximum hygiene and a healthy microclimate.Also, our assistants in cleaning and disinfection are professional certified products TENZI which is one of the leaders in quality in the Ukrainian market.Our staff carefully monitors compliance with all cleaning standards and cleanliness of the premises.
Hotel Seven Eleven is the key to your comfort and safety!